You Can Now Buy A Real Flying Car

You Can Now Buy A Real Flying Car


The future has finally arrived – flying cars now exist.

On Thursday two European companies unveiled their prototypes for the electric flying cars at a supercar show in Monaco to the excitement of the motor world.

Slovak company, Aeromobil, revealed their “new generation” of flying vehicles the AeroMobil 3.0 and confirmed they were already taking orders, though you will have to wait another three years for delivery.

It has an impressive wingspan

The company spokesperson told the AFP: “We are taking reservations from today for deliveries expected in 2020, after the process of (regulatory) approvals is completed.”

On sale for between $1.3million and $1.6million the six-metre long Aeromobil 3.0 looks slightly like a standard car on the ground but boasts foldable wings that when fully extended span an impressive nine metres.

Transforming into a plane, it is able to carry two passengers and cruise at a speed of 260 km. for 750 km.

Aeromobil 3.0
In flight

It wasn’t the only flying car on offer though. Dutch company PAL-V launched the PAL-V Liberty.

A little smaller than the Aeromobil, this flying car is available as early as next year and is a snippet of the cost, going on the market between $320,010 and $534,064.

PAL-V Liberty

The three wheel gyrocopter has a retractable rotor and can carry two people at a cruising speed of 160 km/h for maximum 500km.

The designer, Robert Dingemanse, boasted that it is one of the “safest flying machines” in the world and is able to fly “whatever the weather”.

As well as shelling out the big bucks to pick up one of these space-age cars, you need to get your hands on a pilot’s qualification and a driving licence before taking it out for a spin in the sky.